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I thought I lost YOU

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
August 3 Post (It should be, but it wasn't) 9:08 PM

Maknae’s day~

Okay, so here I am. I am locked in a room using MS Word to write what I am going to post on my blog. I feel really sad because I wasn’t able to do something that I should~

Maknae’s birthday means a lot to me. Add Otter’s and Kyu’s.

I just wish Mr. No Collar a very happy birthday. I am listening to I Am, how dumb did my sentence get? This is the first song that I’ve heard from a member of SS501. Solo song particularly. It was in their Mini Album U R Man. Lalalalalala~ I feel so sad now. Lalalalala~ pretending not to be. But I am really wishing him to be happy during his 20’s, as all the members wished for the group.

I’m leaving for Dubai in exactly a week, August 10. It sucks because I feel that I didn’t enjoy my vacation to the fullest. I swear, when I get back to Dubai, I’ll study hard ‘till my bones crack and my brain fall over. That way, I could prove to my parents that I could pass the standards here in the Philippines, and, I could study here starting next year.

And I just got accepted as a WS501 Artist. Waho. I just have to get my Photoshop back.

Oh, August 3, go away. No, no, no. Please stay. IDK~ I am so random already

I am a devoted fangirl and an official Triple S International member, really. So you do not have the rights to say that I am crazy or something over the boys. I just love them. You know the idol thingy? Yes, that’s it. I know a lot of you have band idols or actresses that you fall over your heels with.