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I thought I lost YOU

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
A day of fails and nots. 9:07 AM

And so the day where we have to prepare for Alice in Wonderland. Here's what happened:

So Rufila came with us. Then I forgot my key. I waited for 2 hours for my mother to arrive but she didn't. Then I left my guitar at the bottom of the stairs and headed straight for Nikki's salon where she and Rufila are waiting. I arrived there around 5:30. Then we did stuffs and stuffs. Then when we are going to buy our cloth, we walked, doh. Near the junction, we saw Ate Choni. We were walking behind her then we weren't expecting to see Bus 2 at the road. TITA PING SAW AND WAVED AT US *u*. Then sew sew and sew. Then Rufila was already having problems with her way home then I went home na. I met Sir Ed Guillen at the way LOL. Then yun. I called my mom through the supermarket's phone then, ALAS, my flatmate was just asleep during those happenings. FAIL. And here I am, typing.

Monday, March 23, 2009
After the long wait... 6:33 AM

I'm waiting for the Perfect World International update to finish. You see, I just finished downloading it whilst the game was updating a long time ago. It is a long wait, I know.

Just a random thought.

I really wish I wasn't a "known" person. Not popular, it's just that many people know me, not for being talented and for whatever GREEDY reason. It feels like hell hearing people talk shit about you and say that I'm a bastard for being with someone as bastard as me. Hey, I know you know whom I'm talking about. A correction:

I didn't really regret being in that situation. It's just that I learned something and things weren't fixed up between us. And on other note, he's the type of person who'd leave things as is, and I'm used to it.

So that's it. I guess I'll play Perfect World now. No time to waste.

Sunday, March 22, 2009
Plays 11:48 AM

Asides from the stressful activities scheduled today, which is moved to next Sunday due to KHDA, we have many plays to deal with. Alice in Wonderland, Ibong Adarna, Why Women Wash the Dishes, and a skit about Friendship.

We really don't know how to deal with them simultaneously. Especially the Alice in Wonderland, which has many characters. Of course, having many characters means we should use a lot of costumes and other props. It's very pressuring indeed, having the responsibility of having your groupmates work on a certain play. We don't even have the plan for costumes and stuff, and all we have is the script. But thanks God, we have a script, and that's one thing that matters.

Then Ibong Adarna, which is a Filipino play. It's kind of easy to deal with but the thing is, we don't know how to make a script. The words in the book is too verse-y, I say. Here's a sample:

"Matapos ko ang panata,
Haring bunyi sa Berbanya
sa anak mong pinipita,
handa akong tumalima."

"Kaya Haring matangkakal
di man dapat sa kalakhan,
kung ito po'y kasalanan
patawad mo'y aking hintay."

Hard to handle, eh?

..to be edited

Friday, March 20, 2009
Featured Galleries 9:55 PM

It just happened that I came through interesting and magnificent galleries on DevianART

~bigcitydreams' work.

~zemotion and her site zemotion.net

~slumberdoll is a very good photographer and a very beautiful model.

~failingjune is a 14 year-old serious hobby photographer.

I'll post more of them soon.

An unexpected day. 8:14 AM

So I went to Tony Roma's @ Sheikh Zayed Road.(I HAZ TO MAKE KUYA CHOI JELOUZ) Ate lunch there, which is St. Louis Ribs, then after 45 minutes of fast eating, we took a taxi to get to a place, actually a villa, where you can find art materials like sculpeys and stuffs. It was my first time to see a place like that here in Dubai. They sell Mini Hats for designing, pre-made Sculpeys for painting, kawaii stuffs, and a GAZILLION more. Mainly, they sell anything about Japanese/Art/Photography, except for cameras and their accesories, just the props which could be used.

Gintoki Plush, my favorite. (phone shot)

Eventually, we were able to get inside Knowledge Village. ZOMG. Its wonderful there. Then had a mini-accident-shoot because of the super beautiful spots. HEHE. But, I don't have a picture of myself. I merely forgot to remove the borrowed camera from my neck. But at least, I enjoyed.

Digital camera pic.

After that, at around 3:40 we arrived at the ACIES Mass/Gathering at St. Francis's Church, Jebel Ali. Stayed there for an hour then went to Ibn Battuta for a snack. (HAZ TO MAKE KUYA CHOI JELOUZ AGAIN) We ate at Cinnabon. I had Chillattas, Caramel flavor and a minibon. We went home at around 6:30 then arrived at house 7:15.

I cooked a sunny side-up egg. I guess everything I ate wasn't stoned in my stomach. But now, I'M OVER-LY FULL. I was like *nomnomnom* in Tony Roma's then *nomnomnoming* again at Cinnabon then *nomnom* again for the egg.

Great thanks to Poleng, Chris, Bent, Lynn, Selean, Migs and Klean for a very great day.

Thursday, March 19, 2009
Midnight ride. 11:01 PM

Later, at lunch, I'll be going to an event called ACIES. Ohwee! I missed that. It's been about a year now since it last happened. D:

Works for Ritchelle (part 2)
Click on the pictures for a larger and clearer view.

Concept: I'm not sure how many of you will see the concept so I will explain it. The main focus, the grass that is more...leafy represents the "Beauty". It is backlit to make it more prominent and to aide the rest of the concept. The normal, average, not as beautiful blades of grass lay in the dark. Folded and toppled over. And out of the spotlight. These represent the "loss". The rest is for you to think of, since what's the use of conceptual art if you tell your viewers exactly what the concept is, without having them think about it and trying to find what you are seeing in it.

Taken at around 12 AM in a certain park.
The grass was due covered and I used an external flash to light up the background.
I must say I enjoy photographing in the dead of the night rather during the day, much more choices with lighting.

Caption by: *doh* StinkingSink

His little sister, Ainee

Of love, keep me awake each night.
You keep running through my mind,
Twisting your love tighter around my heart.
Maybe one day you'll release me.
Maybe one day,
I can finally breathe again.

Me being so silly at La Mesa Eco-Something.

I worked on her hair. :D She's wearing a top there ah. LOL.

A plush toy gift from ceruleanmorning

Ritchelle's favor. 5:07 AM

I can't find certain photos on his ext. hard drive. I hope this are enough. D:

P.S. The second picture *the girls with cameras* is edited. :D

Saturday, March 14, 2009
The hardships. 6:23 PM

Okay, so exams killed me. But yeah, I have to strive super hard to achieve some things, and I've got to be on top of the class. *I rank 2nd in 1st and 2nd grading. I have difficulties with Elementary Algebra. The variables and stuffs and rules and exceptions and integers are scatteres in my brain. And there goes Science. It's easy, but our teacher makes it worse. Out-of-this-world-ly, he would say: Study Chapters 10-13. All data. All tables. All formulas. All italicized words. Okay, so I count: 46 italicized words and 105 data in tables *count the formulas in*. By the way, the formulas I'm talking about are like this: KAl(SO4)2.12H2O=Potassium Aluminum Sulfate/Alum. What a field.

SO I started studying about a week ago, even the schedule isn't released yet. Then, I spent my weekends, studying, ALSO.


Examination is Science is EFFIN HARD. LOL. But I don't want retakes.

Thursday, March 5, 2009
Music blithfulness 10:37 PM

I am really bored this day of Friday. No wonder why, I am not excited for the camping tomorrow. I really wish the school could do some other things productive. So, all I gotta do is to listen to music. There are pretty good duos who do great music. Smooth singing. They only got a vocalist and a guitarist, or an optional drummer, which is used scarcely. I got a list of some good songs to the ears.

1. Music by Meg and Dia.
2. Tae Yang
3. We The Kings
4. Hale
5. Ne-Yo

So I repeated their songs over and over again, until now. HAHA. What good things are there to do? Give me!

Rants to the eighth power. 10:14 AM

Oh well, I got bored on my other accounts, which got only two or three entries. I just don't like the aura coming out of it. I'd like a more "quote-y" blog.

The day of Thursday: So there will be an overnight camping at Camp Zayed, Abu Dhabi, on Saturday. I really wish good luck for our team. Oh by the way, we failed in giving name to our group. We dumped to Kamagong, because the group name themes for trees. Haha, I haven't seen a kamagong tree ever. NAMING FAIL. Pity for our leader, Rio, because she can't handle the group's naughtiness. *o*

"We can't always defend, to win we have to attack"-Light Yagami

Let's go to the Picture Spam *8D*

Thanks to Christian Santos for always giving me the best food ever.

I had a chess game with my friend, Clarean, who happens to be a genius. I lost. SO I took picture of my last piece asides from the King.

I'm into flower arrangements now.